How it works

What is Wireless Internet and how does  it work?

Some people say that “WiFi” is wireless Internet; some think of radio-based Internet access as wireless, some even think of satellite Internet access as wireless. Then there is cellular based Internet access as well.

Real wireless Internet access is most accurately described as the kind that is based on radio frequencies. You might see homes fitted with a little white round dish, similar to a satellite dish, these are the homes with Wireless Internet Access.

From your ISP there will either be cabling or a radio transmitter that will relay signals to a tower. It may go through several towers before it gets to your home, or you might be close enough that you catch it off the first one.

The challenge with wireless Internet service is that it should be line-of-sight. That means that if you were to put your head in the middle of the receiver and look straight ahead, you have to be able to see the tower.

Once the signal makes it to your nearest tower, it then travels directly to your receiver, which will transfer the internet over ordinary networking cable to your modem or PC.

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