Symmetrical Wireless Internet


Symmetrical wireless internet is a system that uploads and downloads data in a symmetrical manner (package upload and download speed are equal) using a dish type antenna ,from a connecting tower, within the vicinity and creates an internet experience either at home or in the office, at very affordable rates. No ADSL (Asymmetric Digital subscriber line) is required.



ADSL is an asymmetric connection which means the download speed is quicker than the upload speed, hence cheaper ADSL pricing.


When comparing data / internet packages, it is important to understand the type of connection that is offered,

  • Symmetrical
  • Asymmetrical
  • Shaped
  • Fair usage policy
  • Transparency of costs
  • Contract span

Fair usage policy

Once fair usage is reached per month, the connection slows to 1Mbps until your next month’s billing cycle



Support staff is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues that may occur


Our benefits

  • We have back-up power in case of power outages.
  • No fixed term contracts.
  • No Sim card needed
  • No Line needed
  • No service provider needed
  • Upload speed is the same as download speed (Symmetrical)
  • Installation is quick and easy


Our capped and uncapped packages are unshaped allowing you uninterrupted browsing and downloading throughout the day 24/7

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